Sell PDF, Ebooks, Courses & Research Reports Online Securely. Stop sharing

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, more and more businesses are turning to digital documents in the form of PDFs. However, sharing these files can pose a security risk, as they can be easily copied, printed, and shared without the owner's consent. Fortunately, there are several ways to sell PDFs online securely. We built our platform HelpRange to use these techniques to let you sell securely your PDF documents, ebooks or research papers.

Selling PDFs made easy and secure

HelpRange is a platform which you can use to sell your PDF documents (ebooks, research papers, courses) easily. You upload your document and you create a payment link for it which you can share with your audience. You can use one-time payments or you can let your customer subscribe to your stream of content. By partnering with Stripe, payment processing is easy and secure. Stripe is sending invoices or receipts to your customers automatically.

Preventing stealing and copying

HelpRange gives you a lot of option to protect your documents from people who would like to steal or copy your materials. This is possible, because all documents displayed via HelpRange are displayed in our special DRM viewer.

No downloads or prints

You can disallow possibility to download or print your documents and PDFs. This is because all documents which are being sold via HelpRange are being displayed in our special viewer where HelpRange is controlling such things.

Screenshot protection

HelpRange viewer has possibility to protect your documents, ebooks, research papers from unwanted screenshots. You can prevent that by just setting "Screenshot Protection" for your documents. We created special technique to disable screenshots. Check it out!

One-time passwords

Moreover, customers who want to get access to their documents need to login to HelpRange as guests using OTP process. What means that it would be very hard from someone outside to get access to those PDF materials.

Check out HelpRange

HelpRange is "Next-Gen Data Room For Documents Protection & Analytics". HelpRange is a cutting-edge virtual data room platform for document access controls and in-depth analytics, ensuring superior management and usage insights for your documents.